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6650 West 44th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Welcome to Moving Points Acupuncture and Wellness. Moving points is an office based and mobile acupuncture practice run by licensed acupuncturist Lee Entel Hurter.  Treatments may include different styles of acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping. Moving Points is dedicated to providing client-centered, trauma-informed, body-positive, and harm-reduction based treatments.

Moving Points is committed to offering treatments to  people who have never received acupuncture before, as well as to seasoned clients. Treatments are available for children and adults and cater to the individual client’s needs and desires.

Wheat Ridge Acupuncture - Client-centered Care - Denver & Boulder

I'm committed to working with your individual situation, goals, and objectives for treatment - empowering and teaching self-healing methods where appropriate

Moxa, Acupuncture Needles, TCM herbs

Client-Centered Care

All parts of all treatments are optional and done only with a client’s consent. I am committed to a healthcare model that focuses on the client’s experiences and empowering the client  to participate in their own healthcare.

Empowering your wellbeing:

My goal is to challenge traditional patient and practitioner dynamics that can disempower the client. I do this by offering tools for clients to use outside of the treatment room, teaching them self-healing methods when appropriate, and giving them space so that their their personal concerns and desires can influence treatment planning.